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Your education is an important investment in time and money – so it’s essential to make sure all your finances are in place.


Somaiya Vidyavihar (SVV) / Somaiya Ayurvihar (SAV) has a well-earned reputation as an “institution of opportunity”. We are dedicated to ensuring that your Somaiya Vidyavihar / Somaiya Ayurvihar education is affordable and worthy of your investment.


In the spirit of Somaiya Vidyavihar’s / Somaiya Ayurvihar's commitment to assuring broader access to its educational resources, we are committed to providing financial assistance (need based scholarships) to all students who demonstrate need while also rewarding all meritorious students that excel in academics (merit based scholarships). We also offer scholarships to students from different backgrounds and interests that qualify for our special categories (special-interest scholarships).


With this pledge, we make every effort to create a learning environment that embraces students from the widest possible range of backgrounds.


SVV / SAV offers you the opportunity to earn a degree in an academically stimulating and diverse community. Making an informed decision on how to fund your education is an essential component in laying the foundation of a meaningful college experience. We are dedicated to working with you to plan this important investment in your future.


These awards are made possible through SVV / SAV endowment funds, tuition revenues and the generous support of our alumni and well-wishers who share SVV’s / SAV's commitment to investing in our students.


Every year, alumni, faculty, staff, and well-wishers of Somaiya Vidyavihar / Somaiya Ayurvihar provide financial support to ensure that every Somaiya Vidyavihar / Somayia Ayurvihar student has an exceptional educational experience. The scholarships listed on this site celebrate the commitment and generosity of these donors or those in whose honour the funds were created.


Scholarships are awarded based upon criteria that usually reflect the values and purposes or the specific nature of the scholarship. In most cases, to be eligible for scholarships through SVV / SAV, you must apply for them online.


Need-Based Scholarships


Need-Based Scholarships are based on demonstrated financial need. We take a holistic look at your family’s financial circumstances to make sure you get the level of support you need.


Smt Sakarbai K Somaiya Memorial & Smt Mayadevi S Somaiya need based Scholarships


Smt Sakarbai K Somaiya: It is said, behind every successful man stands a wise, understanding and encouraging woman. Smt Sakarbai Somaiya was a pillar and a strong support system for her husband, Somaiya Vidyavihar's founder, Pujya K J Somaiya. She truly materialised the Sanskrit verse 'atithi devo bhava' and anyone that visited their home was treated as God. Her devotion to serve was not restricted to guests alone, she provided food and unconditional care and fulfilled the needs of the underprivileged. She rightfully earned the name 'Annapoorna'.


Smt Mayadevi S Somaiya : A fond lover of Indian music and an exceptional singer with a soulful voice, Smt Mayadevi Somaiya, besides cultivating her skill set with utmost dedication always promoted Indian music. She had an art to recognise exceptional talent before the world recognised them. Almost all the present and yesteryears famous classical singers have performed at her residence in the nascent stages of their career. Continuing the Somaiya family's legacy of kindness and devotion to society, Smt Mayadevi Somaiya, mother of Somaiya Vidyavihar's President Shri Samir Somaiya, through this scholarship would like to motivate and inspire students to pursue their education and excel in life.


The Somaiya need based scholarship is a program that sponsors students that lack financial support to complete their education and have limited access to other government scholarships’ & loans. Priority will be given to candidates with a marked socio-economic disadvantage. Need based scholarship is awarded every year only but student may reapply each year.


  • Candidate must demonstrate proven financial need and be able to provide evidence of their financial accounts.
  • Candidates must be asked to submit additional documents during application or interview process.
  • Candidate should be student of somaiya vidyavihar/ayurvihar and could be having limited access to other need based scholarships & loans.


Merit Based Scholarships


The academic merit based scholarship is open to all somaiya students who have worked hard to maintain good grades in all previous academics. Merit based scholarships awards students based on academic achievement. This scholarship will consider not only academic achievements but will also consider students financial need.


Special Interest Scholarships


We complement our need and merit based scholarship programs with a variety of scholarship options suited to different student backgrounds and interests. Your interest and hobbies can set you apart from the crowd.


Research Fellowships


Somaiya Vidyavihar / Somaiya Ayurvihar is aimed at increasing and enhancing research opportunities.

  1. Research fellowship proposals are accepted from any current student or faculty member of Somaiya Vidyavihar / Somaiya Ayurvihar. Student proposals must include at least one faculty member acting as an advisor and mentor.

  2. Faculty / students can also apply to undertake/participate in specific research projects for which we already have funding. Projects will be announced on this webpage.

Stay tuned for many more scholarship and fellowship opportunities.


External Funding Opportunities

In addition to scholarships and fellowships available through SVV / SAV, you have access to external sources of funding. We encourage you to explore these potential resources. Please be sure to check the sponsoring organizations’ specific websites for application dates. Unless noted, scholarship and fellowship applications should be submitted directly to the organization sponsoring them.


To help you begin your search, the following sites offer background information and links to other resources.


University of Mumbai



Social Welfare Department - Scholarship for Category Students



Help a Child - Somaiya Trust



If you receive any funding through external sources, you must notify us by submitting the relevant form on the application portal.


You have any Questions?


We are here to help you

Contact us at scholarships@somaiya.edu

For technical assistance, please write to techsupport@somaiya.edu


Keen on changing a student's future?

Click Here to Give / Donate.


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