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The Govt. has introduced IT subject at 10+2 level , where the students are given special coaching in IT subject. The aims to expose 11th  and 12th  class students to aspects of  IT subject  to help them decide if they want to pursue an IT career.


Our programs are professionally relevant & intellectually challenging.


IT Lab is well furnished and equipped 32 IBM Pentium & Lenovo machines with latest License softwares and Internet facilities. Lab is support all software needs for IT students.

We work hard & Smart to ensure our subjects provide a strong theoretical base and also exposing students to practical applications


               HSC Board exams for IT subject is conducted online since 2002.

               Result  for IT  Subject is 100% since 2002.



We have separate Lab for Computer Science,which is dedicated to the Computer Science students only, having all Pentium IV, License Windows XP operating system with latest Microsoft Office and Visual studio  software.   



Lab is well equiped and furnished.

All the instruments require to conduct the Practicals are available and are good quality.

The proper cupboard for storage  to keep apparatus and instruments in proper condition.

Lab is very spacious, 50 students can perform thier practicals at a time.



We have well equiped laboratories  for Chemistry & Biology.

IT lab
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