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From Principal's Desk

My Dear Friends,

Welcome to the scenic ambience of Somaiya campus and the culturally oriented Somaiya family.

Somaiya Vidya Vihar is one of the most well-known and prestigious institute in our nation. This status can be attributed to its strong, deep-rooted belief in inculcating moral and ethical values in all the young minds entering the portals of this college.

Our web-site “Somaiya.edu” connects students seeking holistic growth from all across the world to our institute.

Parma Pujya Karamshi Bappa, a pioneer and visionary had established “SOMAIYA VIDYA VIHAR”. This institution was later on nurtured by Dr. Shantilal Somaiya and now it’s under the dynamic leadership of Shri Samir Somaiya. He has also been instrumental in achieving an autonomous status for this institute and he plans to take it a notch higher by declaring it as a private university.

Somaiya campus encompasses 35 various institutions and S.K. VINAY MANDIR is one of the largest Jr.college attached to Gujarati medium secondary section.

S.K. SOMAIYA is not only committed to providing quality education, but it’s also the constant endeavor of its faculty to prepare a generation who is conscientious and proactive about the needs of the country.

I am filled with a sense of pride when I say, that the faculty here is highly qualified and well experienced in the field of education. The students of this institute are given an opportunity to get the best of knowledge under their expert tutelage.

It’s a conscious effort on our part to impart the right sprit of competition in our students. Here we believe in the pursuit of excellence not only in academics but we also focus on developing the inherent talents of the students by providing them avenues to hone their skills in sports, literary and cultural arenas

NKC says that the medium of instruction should be the mother-tongue of the child till the secondary level. We at Somaiya understand the importance of this philosophy and our Gujarati medium secondary school bears witness to this.

In order to keep pace with the rapid-changing advances of e-Revolution and globalization, reformation of the existing methodologies is the need of the hour. We at Somaiya work towards bringing about this reformatory revolution through clear-vision, determination and will-power.

Against this backdrop, we invite you to avail the wonderful opportunities awaiting you at this institute.

Together let’s explore the ever-expanding horizon and enjoy the experience while we learn and grow.



Mr. Narendra Pathak


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