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To make Somaiya Vidyavihar a "Global Campus" and create sustainable educational environment and to open a global window for the students.



Such programmes are useful for the faculty too, as they give them a chance to teach somewhere else and thereby get connected to the academics in the world to widen their horizons.



research and innovation

Research & Innovation

The office for International Relations was started in July 2010 .Somaiya Vidyavihar now intends to bring innovation and promote research through exchange programmes; that will help us become  a ‘global campus’. We aim to assimilate global best practices, and enter the dynamic area of international partnerships. Through collaborations, we aspire to benefit from sharing of knowledge and technology and the building of personal and professional networks to explore beneficial opportunities for academic progress


On Arrival

Certain dates will be given to the students for their arrival in Mumbai and transport will be arranged for them for pick up from the airport. The students on exchange program will be given an ID and a map of the campus and of Mumbai city. They will have same rights as other students in the campus.